What products and services do you offer ?

We offer anti-ddos hosting , domain registration and ssl certificates (Geotrust & RapidSSL).

What DDoS Protection you provide ?

We use OVH as our primary DDoS protection provider, that means our total mitigation capacity is over 2 Tbps for all volumetric attacks. Additionally, we have activated game firewall for also protecting against layer 7 floods which include common attacks like http floods, ping attacks etc. We have incorporated a software firewall with custom tweaks to provide additional layer of in-house mitigation. Please read more here.

How many hosting packages do you offer ?

We offer 4 hosting packages (GW-SD, GW-M, GW-L, GW-XL). All hosting packages have in-built DDoS protection from OVH with free SSL from Comodo.

Can i get a dedicated ip ?

We offer dedicated ip in GW-SD, GW-M, GW-L and GW-XL packages. All dedicated ips are from EU.

What is the price range of your hosting packages ?

Our hosting packages start from $29.99/month to $159.99/month . We also have quaterly, semi-annually and yearly billing cycles.

Do you offer discounts on your hosting packages ?

Yes, we offer discounts on higher billing cycles. Our current discounts are 3% for quaterly , 5% for semi-annually and 10% for yearly billing cycles .

What type of content or links are unacceptable in your hosting ?

We do not accept contents like pirated software, hacking programs or warez / porn / audio/video streaming sites. Any client hosting such content will be immediately banned and have his account terminated without prior notice. Please read our terms & conditions to know more.

Can i cancel my account anytime ?

No you cannot cancel your account anytime you want. If you want to cancel your account due to any emergency or if you are unsatisfied with our service, please feel free to contact us.

When do you suspend or terminate an account ?

We suspend an account if payment is overdue by 5 days from invoice due date. Suspension means your homepage will show "Suspended", while all your databases and files will be safe. We terminate an account if payment is overdue by 10 days from invoice due date. Termination means all your databases and files will be permanently deleted from our system. We also send various email alerts before account termination. Please do not ignore those emails.

Note: Our maximum data retention period is 3 days, which means even if your service is terminated, you can recover your files within 3 days after your termination. After that it will be impossible to recover.

Do you offer money-back guarantee on your products or services ?

No, we do not offer any money-back guarantee. All our sales are final and permanent. If you have any query, feel free to contact us.

I am not getting any emails from you. What should i do ?

Please check your spam folders for any missing email. If its not there, feel free to contact us.